Friday, February 02, 2007

"Silent Echoes" at NY Society of Illustrators

These are pages 2 and 3 from my story "Silent Echoes", part of the Out of Picture Anthology.

mixed media
9 x 13

NY Society of Illustrators show

The success of the "Out of Picture" Anthology continues to show its fruit.
Many of us who have been involved in this collaborative art book are presently showcased in the 49th Annual Exhibition at The Society of Illustrators in New York.
The photograph bellow represents pages 2 and 3 from my story that were sent to the show in NY.
I took a little extra time and built the frame myself in an effort to pay tribute to our friend Dice and to the "Out of Picture" circle of artists friends. "Wootie"(in close up) was created by Dice as the symbol for the book. It has come to represent our group. The engraving of Wootie on the frame that holds my piece is my homage to him and to our group of artists in this ongoing and exciting project.